How To Use Footage


How To Use Footage: 

All our footage can be licensed and used without a logo in any project upon the purchase of the appropriate license. Most of our footage is available in 4K Ultra High Definition 2160p (2160 x 3840) and footage with a logo may be used for free upon request. Looking for a specific shot? Ask us directly: - 1-800-208-3340 and we'll help finding it. Our archives are worth a massive 30Tb worth of footage so chances are we have it. Your license will look somewhat like this but will be modified to the specifications of your project:


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How can I use footage in my project? You need to acquire a license that fits your needs, simply by stating what you intend to do with the footage. Tell us about your project, Type of Media, Period and Territory and your budget for a free quote: - 1-800-208-3340.

How much is footage licensing? Excellent question because it varies by a lot, so don't take this for granted. It starts at $30 USD per clip for projects like music videos and social media projects with a small audience. It goes up to over $2000 USD per clip for licensing in All Media + Worldwide + In Perpetuity for very large audiences such as films playing in movie theatres and TV shows playing on national networks. Again, don't take this for granted. We are flexible and there is always a way to make it work no matter where your budget stands in between. 

Can I show people or property? Normally for editorial projects yes, and for commercial projects no. But we can help blurring, acquire the proper release or provide advice. In the end you're responsible of how you use the footage, general rule of thumb is that footage filmed in a public area can be used without restriction.

Can I license footage on a ''per second'' basis? Yes sure, but we prefer to do bulk of package deals. Same work for us, more footage for you. We can also offer a batch discount if you do consider using more than one clip. 

Can I download an offline clip to work with? Yes, grab the YouTube link and download it with an app like ''4K Video Downloader''. Once you know what you'll be using, send us your offline version, we'll match and send you the corresponding clean version of the footage clean without a logo and with a few extra seconds at each end. 

Can I get last minute footage? Yes, we work fast and in some case instantly! Our internal library has a version of each clip you see online ready to go in its highest resolution, encoding quality and clean without a logo. 

You are ''The 4K Guy'' but is all footage in 4K? General rule of thumb is footage shot after 2014 is in 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), for the rest please don't hate us. 

How will I obtain the footage? Via a secure download link such as ''Dropbox'' clean without a logo and with a few seconds extra on each end of each clip. 

Can I get footage in H265 or ProRes? Yes! Although most of our footage is natively shot in mp4 in H264, we do convert it to H265 if required.

Can I use footage for free? Nope! Nice try, but we do have a heart so we would consider placing a logo on it if you really have zero budget. 

Can I stream footage for free? Yes! Every one of our videos showing a logo don't require a license and can be used in a stream for free, just ask. 

Can I change footage once it's paid? Yes! You can also increase the terms of the license at any time even after you've started using the footage. 

Can you beat my other footage quotes? Absolutely, at least by 10% including the ones from bigger stock footage agencies. 

Can you modify footage? Yes! We can do basic tasks such as montage, blurring out faces, put your logo and add music. 

Can I use footage in my TV store? Yes, we offer packages worth tons of playable generic beautiful footage in 4K. 

Can I get footage physically? Yes! We sell Blu-ray's, DVD's, flash drives and digital downloads. 

How can I pay for footage? Paypal or Payoneer ideally, but we'll accept anything. 

Do you have more footage in archives? Yes, tons. Twenty terabytes to be precise. 

Is the footage real or acted? It's all real! 

Can I make a filming request? Yes.

Can I get a free sample? Yes. 

Do you accept contributor's footage? Yes! Show us what you've got: or send it via Facebook. 

How does footage licensing work? Thanks for asking. The internet caused the "stock footage" industry to explode in the last decade which makes it easier than ever for anyone to find stunning prime footage to use for all types of projects, from big to small. If you want to use footage in a project you need to get a license that matches the specifications of it. Generally, the price of the license reflects the number of people in your audience. It also varies according to these three main points:

1 - How long you intend to use it for (Period) such as 1 year, 2 years, 5 years or ''In Perpetuity''
2 - How will the project will be shown (Media) such as Theatre, TV, Contest, Instagram, Vimeo
3 - Where will the project will be shown (Territory) such as citywide, countrywide or worldwide

Upon these details and other information you might be able to provide us such as your budget or your mission, we will create a quote. The price of the quote will be in function of the license that will allow you to do exactly what you intend to do with the footage. That way you have a proper license that guaranties you won't get in trouble for mis-using the footage. Some of the projects we license footage for, are: School, Music Video, Social Media, Website Design, Indie Film, Training DVD's and Streams, TV Demo, Commercial Display, High-Tech Developement, TV Equipement, Documentary, TV Shows and Theatrical Releases. Some of our clients are:

Discovery Channel, Paramount Pictures, CNN, NBC, Associated Press, Canadian Press, Russia Today, Al Jazeera, 20th Century Fox, CBC, Global TV, CTV, TVA, FOX News, Yahoo Entertainment, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, La Times, The Guardian, Ottawa Citizen, The Star, Fox News, National Post, Le Devoir, Denver Post, Las Vegas Sun, Arkansas Online, Houston Chronicle, Buzz Feed, Toronto Sun, Vancouver Sun, The Province, Journal de Montreal, CP24, The Gazette, National Post, Metro Newspapers, 24h Newspapers, TC Media, QMI, Canal D, Tele-Quebec, KTLA.