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Brampton: Car located after Airport and Countryside shooting homicide 9-22-2021

At 5h pm today a man and a woman were shot near the intersection of Countryside Drive and Airport Road in Brampton, Canada. The incident took place in a residential area on Rushbrook Drive where a number of police lines can be seen floating over the street. At that location, a group that appeared to be relatives of the victim gathered to mourn. One man suffered fatal gunshot wounds and one woman suffered non life-threatening injuries after being shot in the arm. Homicide investigators have been deployed to the scene and have opened a case in the most recent murder of the Peel region. At the corner of Grenoble Boulevard and Williams Parkway, the vehicle seen in this video was found and surrounded by more police tape creating a second active scene. At that location, an SUV parked on the side of the road is partially covered with a yellow privacy tarp on the driver side. No arrests have yet been made and police are after what is believed to be three suspects on the loose.

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