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Buffalo: Women handing supply after market terror attack for neighborhood relief 5-17-2022

Four days after the horrific senseless race targeted gun shooting attack that left 10 people dead at a Buffalo, NY supermarket last Saturday, the community rallies and holds strong. Members of various organizations were spotted on May 17th roaming around the area with notebooks assisting neighbors who might require special assistance or psychological evaluation. Women were seen setting up a command post where medical and food supply were offered to the residents who are unable to enter the store where the crime happened. At 2h pm Saturday May 14th 2022 an 18 year old man drove up to Tops Supermarket's front door, geared up with heavy fire weapons and live streaming his steps, exited his vehicle and started firing. His first victim was a elderly lady who was standing steps outside the front door whom he shot before entering the store and continuing his rampage. A total of 13 people were struck by bullets, three of whom survived.

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