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Flying out of YUL with de-icing in snow blizzard

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Raw footage in 4K of Montreal Pierre-Eliot Trudeau International Airport (YUL) in Quebec, Canada during a snow storm on Tuesday January 29th 2019. This video compilation includes inside views of de-icing, taxiing and taking off in the snow. It also includes footage of industrial snow graders clearing paths on large taxi ways under ongoing heavy snowfall in and around the vicinity of the airport.

The flight is Air Canada flight AC309 operated in a Boeing 787-800 FIN #802 (date of manufacture of June 2014) departing from gate C52 at 7h08 pm scheduled to arrive in Vanvouver (YVR) at 9h44 pm the same night. The flight was delayed due to extreme weather conditions that created snow accumulation on the wings and fuselage of the airplane.

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