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Longueuil: Nine injured after mass casualty Sprinter motor vehicle accident 12-27-2021

At 1h pm on Monday December 27th 2021 a mass casualty motor vehicle accident left nine people injured, fortunately none fatally in Longueuil, Québec, Canada. The serious crash happened in the center median separating both sides of Highway 20 at Montarville Blvd in the Boucherville sector of Longueuil, a city in the south Montréal suburbs. Nine people were transported to hospital with varying degrees of injuries after being helped by paramedics and firefighters along with the SQ police. The involved vehicle, a Sprinter likely deviated its course to end up in a ditch and injuring its numerous passengers. Fortunately, out of all injuries none are considered life-threatening. 

Video: Sidney Dagenais

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