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Montreal Airport multi-level parking lot demolition for $2.5 Billion expansion project

Raw footage of the demolition of the multi-level parking lot at Montreal Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL) located in Dorval, Quebec, Canada for a major development since 2018 and projected to last until 2030. Located across from the main  departure and arrival terminal at YUL, the multi-level parking garage has been leveled to make place for a brand new and epic terminal set to be inaugurated in 2030. The brand new terminal will include 10 to 15 new operating gates and immense glass walls mounted with a green roof and solar panels to replace the existing cramped and chaotic departure drop off zone and arrival pick up zone below. The brand new REM is also planned to be linked to the airport and will have a station built underground where the existing multi-level parking lot is located. An estimated 2.5 billion dollars are budgeted for this giant large scale expansion project that is much needed for the second biggest metropolitan area of the country. This video was recorded without an audio track.


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