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Montréal: Breaking news as protest against new covid curfew erupts tonight 1-1-2022

At 10h pm tonight dozens of protesters gathered in downtown Montréal despite and against the newly implemented curfew throughout the province of Québec in Canada. As of yesterday, Quebeckers without an essential purpose are prevented from leaving their home between 10h pm and 5h am every day. This is the second time since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic that such drastic measures are taken. Footage filmed on Sherbrooke Street at the start of curfew shows masses of people walking and being followed by police officers in riot gear. Incredibly, the people who had organized this gathering since the news of the curfew came out actually took to the streets and are facing fines up to $6000 if found outside and arrested. The latest reports suggest that SPVM police have started making arrests as they appear to move in to dismantle the illegal event and put an end to this.

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