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North York: Man shot in the chest in busy Weston & 401 neighborhood 1-2-2021

At 6h pm tonight a man in his thirties was shot multiple times at the corner of Weston Road and Dee Avenue just south of the 401. According to paramedics scanner radios, the victim a male in his thirties, suffered gunshot wounds to the chest, back and arm. He was transported to hospital in serious condition and no arrest has been made. Plainclothes investigators from TPS quickly made their way to the scene in the busy Weston neighborhood of North York in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The call came in for the address of the restaurant "Ginger Pho" and both these premises and a nearby gas station have been cordoned off. It is unclear exactly where the shooting took place versus where the victim was found but officers were spotted canvassing the gas station parking lot with flashlights.

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