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Ottawa: Female accidentally shot by cops in the middle of massacre 6-27-2022

At 10h30 pm Monday night June 28th 2022 a savage attack left three people dead and one innocent bystander stabbed and shot by police in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada the deceased being two females of unknown age and the male perpetrator. A chaotic phone call to 911 emergency central first rang to mention that someone had been stabbed at a home on Anoka Street at the corner of Grasmere Crescent. Police, EMS and fire department all converged to the site located in the area of Heron Road and Alta Vista Drive in the nation's capital. In a total vision of horror, officers arriving on scene found a man stabbing a female in front of the house and shot him dead, likely saving her life in the process. In the confusion and panic, the female victim suffered a gunshot wound after being accidentally shot by one of the officers who discharged their weapon. After eliminating the threat in this brazen case of an OIS, (Officer Involved Shooting) crews made the terrible discovery of two deceased females at or near the property. Paramedics transported the third female victim injured with stab and gunshot wounds to hospital in non life-threatening condition. All parties are of unknown age and identity but it appears the residents of the house in question are a mother and her two daughters. An investigation by the SIU is underway as it is the case for incidents involving police officers using a deadly weapon while on duty.

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