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Québec: Police search at home of katana homicidal suspect 11-1-2020

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Yesterday night at 10h30 pm a violent and deadly attack unfolded in the street of the old part of Québec City in Canada. A man with a Japanese katana sword slashed two people to death in the historical district and injured five others. The suspect was later arrested in the same vicinity and will face numerous charges among them two first degree murders. Meanwhile today the police in Ste-Thérèse, a city in the suburb north of Montréal, conducted a search at the home of the lone suspect in this case. No information was revealed about what police may have found at that location but they also met with the suspect's parents in Deux-Montagnes later during the day. The suspect is awaiting trial and the public is awaiting information from police and emergency spokesperson to shed light on what should have remained a quiet Halloween night. 

Video: Cédrik Dagenais

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