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South Africa: Lion pride "Transport Dam" spotted at Koppie Hill - April 2023

Extended raw video footage captured on April 11th 2023 of the "Transport Dam" lion pride seen here at the Mathekenyane Hill - Koppie Viewpoint near the Skukuza entrance gate of Kruger National Park in South Africa. Closeups in 4K shows scars present on some of these ferocious male youths and adult lions as well as damaged earlobes likely the result of significant battles. The Transport Dam Waterhole is the spot where one of the most famous battle videos in the wild animal kingdom was ever recorded: and is also located in the area of Skukuza at Kruger Park. The same members of the group observed in this video are believed to have been involved in that 2004 infamous fight where some of these visibly healed wounds may have occurred. Footage filmed in this video shows the pride laying atop the hill in the early morning hours before slowly getting up and walking down and playing together. It appears several juvenile males are part of the herd which was composed of 13 spotted individuals on that particular day.

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