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Toronto: Dash-8 plane lands safely at Pearson YYZ after burning fuel 4-15-2021

At 6h pm today an Air Canada Jazz Dash-8 airplane landed safely with over 50 people on board after burning fuel for nearly an hour before touchdown. The flight that originated from runway 06L at Pearson on route to Thunder Bay (YQT) on flight number AC7932 made a u-turn almost immediately after takeoff and came back around following what was believed to be a nose gear issue. Originally, the pilots were supposed to make a flyby near YYZ's control tower but in the end attempted landing after the landing gear was deemed to be in the downwards position. Before landing back in YYZ, the plane circled an area over Milton and North West Mississauga to have a timely opportunity to dump fuel and get a grip on the situation. Firefighters from nearby stations in Mississauga joined Pearson fire department and standby for almost an hour awaiting the aircraft in distress. The plane landed safely before being examined at the end of its course on the landing runway before being escorted to the terminal for deplaning.

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