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Toronto: One hour plane spotting compilation at YYZ Pearson Airport

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One hour continuous non stop raw video footage compilation of airplanes landing and taking off at YYZ Pearson International Airport. Video footage in this compilation was filmed in 4K during the month of September 2020 at the busiest airport of the country. YYZ located in the GTA stands at 6301 Silverdart Drive in the city of Mississauga located in the region of Peel adjacent to the city of Toronto in the province of Ontario in Canada. The YYZ code follows the regulation that all Canadian airport codes start with the letter Y and the following YZ letters relate to the old Malton station. Pearson Airport airport is located in the neighbourhood of Malton which is in Mississauga where a CNR railway station was previously operating. In the early days of analog communications, the Morse code was efficiently used and its code back then was YZ, hence the name of today's biggest airport in Canada. This compilations includes among others the Emirates Airbus A380 jumbo jet passenger aircraft carrier and Drake's airplane operated by Cargo Jet.


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