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Toronto: Seventy shootings in August leave multiple people dead

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From August 1st to 31st 2020, there have been about 70 shootings in the city of Toronto, Canada alone. Out of those instances and adding other criminal incidents like assaults and stabbings, a total of 8 people lost their life. Gun violence is a current high for the ongoing year in the GTA and these numbers don't even include weapon crimes in the adjacent Peel, York and Durham regions. This compilation includes footage of numerous scenes of shootings that happened within the boundaries of the 6ix during the month of August 2020. In a year to date total, 46 people have lost their life in crime related manners while police investigated a total of 336 shooting incidents since January 1st 2020. Among the ones featured in this compilation are: 

- Steeles and Islington 8-28-2020
- Finch and Pittsboro 8-19-2020
- Kipling and Mt Olive 8-19-2020
- Danforth and Savarin 8-27-2020
- Jane and Yorkwoods 8-28-2020
- Crescent Town Road 8-28-2020

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