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Toronto: Six year old girl killed in Renforth Drive single car crash 11-13-2021

At 9h pm last night an utter tragedy struck when a child lost her life after the vehicle she was riding crashed in a tree in Toronto, Canada. The driver of the vehicle was also treated but her injuries appear minor as she was conscious and talking to emergency crews. The small sedan remained on the roadway with front end damage and a shattered windshield. Numerous TPS police cars rushed to the crash site code three, meaning in significant rush due to the severe nature of the incident. The collision happened on Renforth Drive just north of the Rathburn Road intersection in Etobicoke near the border of Mississauga, a neighboring city. Therefore, EMS technicians from Peel Paramedics were also deployed at the dramatic unfolding scene. Initial reports from the 911 central to TFS crews were that two patients took place in the car, one being the conscious driver and one being an unconscious child. Upon arrival, all hands on deck firefighters donned protective gears to help paramedics performing life saving efforts. In a shocking display, crews performed chest compression on the small patient on the ground next to the wreck before continuing on into an awaiting ambulance. Both victims were transported to hospital, where the six year old was declared dead. An investigation has been launched and Renforth Drive remains closed for the time being. As of Monday November 15th, no new details were released by authorities but internal research shows that the two people in the car were related. It appears the mother of the toddler who was killed was driving the vehicle which sustained moderate physical damage. According to official reports, she suffered minor injuries and it is unclear whether the young victim was wearing a seatbelt. Meanwhile in the southern part of the city and on an evening abnormally busy, a woman was killed when the male driver crashed the car they were in on the Queensway at Park Lawn. The vehicle ripped in half upon the shear force of impact, leaving the wreck spread across the Humber Loop streetcar tracks:

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