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Toronto: Unusual late snowfall blankets city and parks 4-21-2021

This morning GTA residents awakened to the surreal sight of snow blanketing trees and plants that had already started to bloom. This video was filmed in North York at the entrance of a small parkette trail that leads to Maxwell Park at the corner of Maxwell Street and Hove Street in the area of Bathurst and Sheppard near Earl Bales Park, where a few centimeters of snow accumulated in the morning hours. A weather system in movement since yesterday evening entered the Greater Toronto Area on an eastbound motion over the shores of Lake Ontario. Built up were reported throughout the city caused by constant overnight steady snowfall at an unusually colder temperature for this time of the year and in accordance with the weird spring season we've been experiencing. Rare footage of the phenomenon shows snowy covered fresh green buds on trees in backyards of homes and city parks posted on social media. City and emergency crews experienced a higher than usual volume of calls in relation to traffic issues during the first part of the day but fortunately no serious incidents to report. 

Video: Maya Colar

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