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Urbex: Inside an abandonned car repair shop on the Plateau in Montreal

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Urban exploration tour of the decommissioned George General Auto Repairs garage located in the ''Plateau'' neighborhood in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This garage was initially used as a horseshoe and carriage repair shop dating as far back as 1830. In 1962 the auto repair shop was established and ran operations until the 2000's. Inside its broken and graffiti covered walls, numerous cars and tools stand still accumulating dust and slowly becoming trapped in ice formed by leaking rain water and melting snow. The repair shop has garage doors on either sides of the building and a small office space located inside its main walls. The second floor of the former industrial auto repair shop is littered in debris and vehicle parts sitting on dark shelves where light has yet to shine for years. No plan for demolition or reconverting has been made public and the structure remains abandoned but intact for the time being.

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