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Urbex video of St-Eusèbe church after fire in Montreal, Canada

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At 9h30 pm on March 16th 2019 a fire: https://bit.ly/334YP73 broke out in a historic church on Fullum Street at the corner of Lariviere Street in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Upon arrival firemen discovered smoke coming out of the beautiful abandoned 100 year religious building that is known under the Saint-Eusèbe-de-Verceil Cathedral. They immediately upgraded the incident to a second alarm before asking for backup among other two 135 feet ladder trucks. A third alarm was eventually struck before firemen could finally get a grip on the fire burning inside the church. This video tour of the decommissioned church was filmed after the devastating fire incident. Charred debris lay on the ground in the front section of the church after an elevated wooden floor completely burned, among other sections. The walls were darkened and the vestige are in a darker shades after the large quantity of soot deposited on otherwise beautiful artifacts. Colorful stained glass remained untouched during the fire incident and they testify of the detailed and stunning decoration of the century old cult building. Urbex video of St-Eusèbe church before the fire: https://bit.ly/2CoV9CK

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