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BC: Drone view of broken railway tracks damaged by powerful flood water 12-2-2021

Repair crews have started moving around large debris at a railroad track that was damaged in the recent floods. Aerial footage shows torn rail tracks and wooden beams spread away from the rail line at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Boundary Road in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada filmed today Thursday Dec 2nd. Heavy rainfalls in recent weeks including three amazing weather phenomenon called "atmospheric rivers" had several areas of the Lower Mainland submerged.  Among others, the Huntingdon Village seen in this video was particularly struck. Surges of water pouring across the nearby Boundary Road coming from the United States and spilling into fields on our side of the border eventually dug its way under the tracks and through the soil that was holding them. This created a void and the weight of the tracks combined with the powerful force of the water and accumulated debris stunningly bent and tore the railway apart. The water from recent floods and mudslide carries large amount of debris along with its current. These debris amas in piles that block drainage systems, road drains and in this case push and destroy the thick metal rails.

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