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Brampton: BMW rear-ends car and takes down light pole at Finch crash 6-9-2021

At 3h pm today a two-vehicle crash left two people injured at the corner of Finch Ave and Kenview Blvd in Brampton, Canada. Initial scare calls suggested that pedestrians were struck and trapped but victims suffered injuries less serious than believed by callers. Two people were still transported to a trauma hospital as per information transmitted by PRP media spokesperson Constable Donna Maurice. The intersection littered by debris remained open during the busy time of the day as a police officer directed traffic and large transport trucks. Police crews from the PRP along with ambulances from Toronto Paramedics Services converged to the incident that occurred in the middle junction of three cities Brampton, Toronto and Mississauga. The exact number of involved parties is unknown but fortunately all are expected to survive.

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