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Brampton: Busy start of the weekend at Trinity Common mall 8-29-2020

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At 2h am this morning a 87 year old man died when his vehicle was t-boned by another one at the corner of Bovaird Dr and Great Lakes Dr in Brampton, Canada. The violent crash had left the driver of the sedan car trapped and VSA as per radio communications heard moments into the incident. The victim's car was travelling northbound on Nasmith Street when a suburban truck traveling eastbound on Bovaird collided with the smaller car. While at the scene, The 4K Guy news crews stumbled upon police commotion in the nearby Trinity Common shopping mall parking lot. A man who suffered injuries after breaking a bank's window was arrested and police canvassed the area with K9 dogs. In a phone interview later during the day, Constable Bancroft Wright spokesperson at the Peel Regional Police affirmed that despite the location coincidence both incidents are not related.

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