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Brampton: Gory end for pedestrian struck and drug by vehicle 8-10-2023

If not the definition of horror there are no other words to better describe how the life of a pedestrian ended tonight at the corner of Queen Street and Rutherford Blvd. In the second traffic fatality in two days for the city of Brampton, Ontario, Canada, a yet to be identified victim was killed the evening of August 10th 2023. Very insightful aerial imagery provides a clear explanation of what the events lead to their death but the mystery remains as to how a vehicle took about one hundred meters to come to a stop, a data easily verifiable using the media drone footage and an online map scale mark. An immobilized SUV lies 100m east of the intersection of Hansen and Queen precisely where traces of blood also appear to come to a stop. Horrific details seen on a moving overhead vantage point gives an excellent outlook at the severity of the injuries the victim suffered while being dragged. It appears that body parts may lay on the ground within pools of blood covered by police privacy tarps along a line traced by several evidence markers placed by a large team of reconstructionists from the Peel Regional Police. Drone footage also shows a pattern of tire marks made on the roadway from the distance separating the initial point of impact up to where the person eventually came to a rest. An investigation is ongoing and all traffic both directions on Queen Street is shut until further notice.

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