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Brampton: Maniac driver rams PRP police car on Kennedy Road 11-20-2020

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At 8h30 last night a man rammed two police cars among others on Kennedy Road just south of Orenda Road in Brampton, Canada. Fortunately, this incident didn't cause any serious damage or injury. Police were quick to act and apprehended the culprit during the rampage according to a related tweet. According to the same PRP tweet, it appears that the suspect struck a first police car before another came in contact with his vehicle, causing damage to the second cruiser. Two wrecked police cruisers could be seen under a train overpass and stopped near the center median. At the scene, other vehicles with visible damage remained immobilized further up north directly at the intersection of Orenda Road. Investigators took photographs of the scene and both police vehicles were towed away on a platform bed truck. It is unclear at this time what the motivations of the driver were and whether he will be charged with any related offence.

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