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Brampton: Ongoing search for murder and kidnapping suspect 3-28-2021

This morning at 3h am PRP officers were dispatched to a house in Brampton, Canada following a neighbor's report of an incident. People on Adventura Rd in the Mayfield Rd and Mississauga Rd called in to report hearing a female screaming. Upon arrival, cops found an adult male and an adult female in a car in the garage of a house. At that time, the male suspect driver took off with the female inside the vehicle and the police alleges it was against her will. Shots were fired by PRP officers at the scene early into this ordeal, which in turn triggered an SIU investigation as it is the case normally for violent incidents involving a police corp in Ontario. Theale driver has been identified as 21 year old Kwami Garwood, who also happens to be on the run since a shooting in the Scarborough area of Toronto that left 43 year old Andre Charles dead back in July 2020 and for which a 1st degree murder warrant has been issued for his arrest. Peel Regional Police media spokespeople have released detailed information concerning today's incident and have revealed that the wanted fugitive is to be considered armed and dangerous, and if spotted not to be approached. They also explained that they believe the victim in this case, 23 year old Salina Ouk, is facing grave danger in the hands of her possible violent kidnapping perpetrator. Although Garwood is well known from numerous police services around the GTA, media relations at the PRP disclosed in an interview that Ouk on the other hand was not known to their service until today. And although they could not confirm this was indeed a kidnapping, they strongly believe that the missing female is currently being held against her will and are very concerned for her well being. Later after the initial disturbance call today, police found a black Honda sedan car nearby in the area of Van Kirk and Mayfield believed to be the vehicle in which the pair took place. Both are currently outstanding and an active search is still on the way in the entire GTA at this moment. Footage in this video was captured at 7h30 pm tonight as the main scene still appears to be active and surrounded by crime tape. 

Video and audio of gunshots being fired and suspect fleeing caught on witness cellphone camera via CP24's Beatrice Vaisman on Twitter:

In an update this afternoon on Monday March 29th, PRP released new information that could lead to the recovery of the missing female and the arrest of the suspect. In a statement, they explained that the couple was localized in a taxi this morning around 4h am near the corner of Ruddington Drive and Bayview Avenue in the North York area of Toronto. They then believe that the two parties took place inside an orange Kia car nearby at 3230 Bayview Avenue as seen in this surveillance video:

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