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Brampton: Panther 6x6 airport crash tender at risky tanker rollover accident 7-15-2021

At 2h pm yesterday, a Petro-Canada fuel tanker truck rolled over and crashed into a high lamp post in the median separation of Highway 410 in Brampton, Canada. The accident that miraculously left no one injured happened in the southbound lanes of the highway after a tire deflation incident at the Vodden Street overpass. Although no serious injuries were reported, the collision left the area surrounding Highway 410 in Brampton an utter traffic mess and a great environmental concern. Fuel leaked from the heavy vehicle creating a danger of fire of the highly flammable toxic substance and triggering a multi agency response. In a rarely before seen procedure, a firetruck from Toronto Pearson International Airport was dispatched to the scene to assist Brampton Fire Department in the peculiar mission. The 700 horsepower 6x6 Rosenbauer Panther called RED 6 by the YYZ Fire Department equipped with numerous nozzles is one of six units operating at the airport. In this case, the high tech vehicle used a bumper cannon to spray foam onto the hot wreckage that caused a diesel spill to prevent the fuel from lighting up. Other firefighters used a hose connected to the apparatus to apply foam on remaining parts of the wreck to prevent a possible ignition. The goal for the Panther 6x6 fire truck to be deployed was in anticipation of a fire breaking out at the site due to the high risk of imminent danger at all times caused by the unstable crashed tanker vehicle. Along with the airport's fire department, Brampton Hazmat crews and Peel Paramedics were spotted at the scene. Other crews used a tall crane to safely remove a damaged extra high lamp post in preparation for the recovery of the fuel truck that lasted well into the night.

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