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Brampton: Pre-arrival early video of fast spreading Ebenezer house fire 6-5-2021

Part 2:

At 8h pm Saturday June 5th, Brampton fire crews responded to a fire at the corner of Big Moe Crescent and Alfredo Avenue in the Highway 50 and Ebenezer area of Brampton, Canada. A cloud of moving dark smoke could be seen from kilometers in the distance despite the windy scorching weather. Upon arrival, the first unit observed flames and smoke coming from the side of a two story house that appeared to have originated from a deck or bbq area. Early footage at the scene shows fire crews arriving and engaging in a major fire battle, using ground and aerial water supply. Crews upgraded the incident to a second alarm fire battle. Additional apparatuses from the second alarm struggled to make their way on the narrow packed street in an attempt to reach the site asap. Fire Trucks used loud sirens and horns to create a path through motorists trying to escape in vehicles as well as running pedestrians. In addition to the busy time of the day, firefighters face extremely high temperatures that cause a particular challenging firefighting situation. An ongoing heat wave has the whole GTA under alert as the city broke a heat record measuring mid thirties Celsius that felt close to forties. A fire department drone was used to fly over the burned structure in an attempt to see hot spots with an infrared mounted camera. Numerous residents from nearby houses exited and gathered around the impressive scene that fortunately left no one injured. Among numerous other emergency vehicles, a Peel Paramedics ambulance was deployed at the scene as per standard procedures for safety precautions. At the same time, Brampton Fire and Emergency Services did respond to another fire in the same area at the corner of Queen and McVean. At that other fire incident, no one was injured and minimal damage was reported. 

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