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Brampton: Rollover on the 407 during x-mas snowstorm 12-24-2020

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At 10h30 last night a pickup truck rolled over and came to a rest in a ditch on Highway 407 in Brampton, Canada. The accident didn't leave anyone with serious injuries but is the latest in a series of other weather related traffic incidents across the GTA. A significant snowstorm has started over the large agglomeration and is currently affecting millions of people. Emergency crews have been particularly busy dealing with accidents along most major roads among them the 401 in Scarborough. At the 407 crash site, three people were assessed by Peel Regional Paramedics while Brampton Fire Services firemen used their bright apparatuses to safely block the roadway with low visibility. Occupants carried personal belongings out and away from the wrecked vehicle and left it to road recovery crews and the OPP. Snow is going to keep falling for most of Christmas day along with strong winds in some occasions causing blowing snow and making roadways especially treacherous.

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