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Brampton: Tractor trailer rollover with hazardous materials 4-19-2021

At 7:30 last night Brampton firefighters responded with a hazardous materials unit to a crash on Highway 410. The driver of the heavy long haul transport vehicle was arrested by OPP and is facing charges of dangerous driving according to the Highway Traffic Act. He and no other motorists were hurt in the dramatic accident that left a tractor trailer toppled over. It appears the accident happened when the driver attempted to enter the highway from the westbound ramps of Steeles Ave to southbound Highway 410. Brampton Fire and Emergency Services crews remained on scene with apparatuses protecting the affected lanes while southbound traffic on 410 remained active. Fire crews were spotted using numerous absorbing sand bags to limit the spreading of a leak while environmental crews put large white inflatable devices to contain the spill.

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