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Brossard: Drone video of SQ GTI Cambli Thunder armored car at standoff 6-16-2022

Yesterday, an 8 hour long standoff came to a conclusion peacefully after a man barricaded himself with a crossbow at a residential building in Brossard. Highly trained tactical police officers from the Sureté du Québec (SQ provincial police) of the GTI team (Groupe Tactique d'Intervention) accessed the balcony of the culprit with an impressive vehicle. The armored car Cambli Thunder equipped with a MARS (Mobile Adjustment Ramp System) Patriot3 can be seen leaving the site of the standoff after being momentarily bogged down in mud due to its heavy weight. The suspect was arrested and suffered minor injuries but the safety perimeter was extensive covering several blocks in the area of Marie-Victorin Blvd and De Rome Blvd in the Brossard sector of Longueuil, Québec, Canada.

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