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California: Corvette multi victim fatal crash with extrication 2-15-2021

At 10h pm last night a two-vehicle accident left one person dead and multiple others hurt in Garden Grove, a city in Orange County just south of Los Angeles in California, USA. The violent impact happened at the corner of Dunklee Avenue and West Street where a Corvette sport car came in collision with an SUV. One out of three people who rode the Corvette died while all other occupants suffered serious injuries and were transported to hospital. Fire fighters use pneumatic power tools among them the jaws of life to free the riders from the tangled metal caused by the severe wreck. Paramedics rushed patients into awaiting ambulances and took them away for treatment while police officers blocked the roadway. An investigation is ongoing to determine if any charge will be laid as both drivers survived the ordeal. 

Video: Brentt Sporn

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