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California: Painting the drought stricken desert hills of Red Mountain 9-9-2022

Raw footage in the moments after a fire retardant drop is made by a firefighting tanker airplane onto the lower slopes of Red Mountain on September 9th 2022 on day 5 of the catastrophic and deadly Fairview fire in Hemet, California, USA. Cal Fire crews use a mixture of fire retardant powder that is mixed with water at nearby airports for planes to refill from trucks after landing. This non-toxic liquid reduces the rate of spread of the fire when the flames reach the soaked vegetation and is used to ''paint'' or build preventive lines across the hills to surround and protect structures ahead of time. The mix is dyed with red color to make it more visible and is applied by the main aircraft following another one establishing markers. In here we observe a horn lizard struggling to crawl through the damped terrain but that will fortunately not be affected by the retardant. This particular incident triggered by a historic heat wave left two citizens dead and about two dozen structures demolished despite the relentless efforts by all emergency services involved in combating the inferno. Watch the painting in action in this condensed air drops video:

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