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Canada: 1st Degree murder charge laid after cop is killed in Toronto 7-2-2021

At midnight this morning, a police officer was injured in a serious incident in an underground downtown parking garage at the corner of Queen Street West and Bay Street in Toronto, Canada. Initial crews on scene rushed to access multiple victims with the mention of one VSA patient that stands for Vitals Signs Absent. Witness reports mentioned that an apparent incident broke out during which one person was run over by a vehicle inside the underground structure. Paramedics and firefighters frantically looked to find the position and reach the victims before transporting them to a trauma center. Plain clothes officers who were deployed urgently to the scene blocked the entrance to the large parking lot located under Toronto City Hall at the corner of Queen and York. Another crime scene taped with a crime line is set up further east near another entrance to the same parking garage. Witnesses of the incident who worked the nearby popular late night city canteens were told to pack up and that the area would be shut down until at least tomorrow. A forensic identification vehicle used as a command center has been deployed for investigators working on this case. The police officer that was hurt was transported code 3 lights and sirens likely to the nearby trauma center St. Michael's Hospital. The patient carried away in a stretcher in this video is believed to be one of two other victims who suffered less serious, and what are believed to be non life-threatening injuries. A suspect arrested at the scene overnight has already appeared in court today following the deliberate and intentional act. The 31 year old man Umar Zameer ran over the police officer causing fatal injuries and was charged with first degree murder.

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