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Canada: Aerial view of incredible

An incredible feat of engineering obtained by a Southern United States company is currently protecting tens of thousands of people in Canada. The custom made giant flood protection device has been deployed during the night of Sunday to Monday Nov 29-30 2021. A small army of people put all hands on deck to fill large inflatable plastic tubing with water including firefighters, engineers and the actual army. The dam is now resting across all lanes of the Trans Canada or Highway 1 at the Cole Road interchange and will prevent flood waters from flowing to the west if levels arise. Stunning aerial imagery shows the scale of the operation that was conducted in one night and that is still being closely monitored. The so-called Tiger Dams Systems are from a New Orleans based company that build such inventive products for flood control. This barrier was built after civil engineers deemed it appropriate due to the lower level of the freeway at that location. This, despite protecting the Sumas Prairie from further floods, has closed the main and only major artery to the entire Metro Vancouver Area and affects transportation for millions of BC residents.

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