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Canada: Archive footage of outrageous anti-vaxxer covid protests 2020-2021

On December 12th 2020 and on January 8th 2021 protests were held in Montréal, Québec, Canada where hundreds of anti-vaxxers gathered against Covid-19 sanitary measures and curfew. Anti vaccine conspiracist among other demonstrators rallied against the mandatory wear of a mask? and clashed with police. Some of these careless irrational participants were fortunately arrested and given fines matching there infractions. Ironically, by exercising their "rights to protest" they sadly directly contribute by close contact to the spreading of Covid-19 which has now killed two million people in one year. In the Province of Québec it is now mandatory to stay inside between 8h pm and 5h am as a curfew has been established by the Premiere François Legault. In the recent weeks police has conducted numerous operations of various scales including busting down parties and gatherings. Culprits were given fines of $1000 upwards and some cases added up to tens of thousands of dollars per individual planned events. One week ago on Saturday night January 23rd 2021 on Lafontaine Street in Mirabel, Québec in the suburban agglomeration of the north shore in the greater Montréal, Canada 36 party goers received a total of $55000 worth of fines at one single organised gathering, translating at an average of $1500 per person.

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