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Canada: Armed Forces set up base camp at Toronto's main hospital 4-30-2021

The army has been called for backup in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to help overwhelmed medical staff with resources including a special task force. This week, the Canadian Armed Forces set up a base camp in a hospital's parking lot at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center located at the corner of Bayview Avenue and Lawrence Avenue in the Canadian metropolis. The group of 50 army members will be based at that location for the next three months and is composed of critical care nurses, multi-purpose medical assistance teams and support personnel. Its main role is to assist regular medical care givers with critical Covid-19 patients who are hospitalized at Sunnybrook Hospital. Soldiers created a temporary encampment by erecting large green official tents powered by a large section of powerful industrial electrical generators. Sunnybrook has been deemed by government officials the most important place to receive the aid provided by the Army's personnel who will attend their MHU and ICU, the Mobile Health Unit and Intensive Care Unit.

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