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Canada: Bystanders help firefighters holding a car upright during extrication 5-2-2022

Cooperation from bystanders yesterday helped local firefighters safely remove the driver of a vehicle in a precarious position in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Emergency crews responded at 5:30 pm Sunday evening at the corner of Queen Street and Woodbine Avenue in the busy The Beaches neighborhood for an MVC involving a car on its side. Upon arrival, TPS police officers and bystanders joined their effort to stabilize the sedan car while awaiting for additional firemen and specialized tools. The moments following a collision can still represent a danger for occupants of a vehicle especially while taking place in an unstable car like the one in this incident. The needs of stabilizing a vehicle that has rolled over is essential to continue performing an already challenging extrication duties in a time constraint event. The number of people that gathered and pushed onto the car had it stable enough to allow two other firemen to break and shatter the windshield glass through which the occupant safely escaped. No serious injuries were reported at this site of a traffic collision.

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