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Canada: Citizens fight fire with local campground equipment prior FD arrival 9-1-2021

A group of local campers and campground owners joined their effort on Wednesday morning in combating a rapidly growing blaze before the fire department's arrival in Québec, Canada. People at the Domaine de Rouville campground located in the Montérégie department of the province of Québec just south of Montréal, Canada took matters into their own hands. In a great display of bravery, bystanders facing the unfolding disaster used local second hand water pumps to apply water on the fire as soon as possible while the fire department was being contacted in this remote rural area of the province. It appears that the owners of the enterprise had obtained pumps and other firefighting equipment for such incidents as a preventive measure. By carefully taking this kind of precaution they possibly managed to delay the aggravation and the spreading of the flames while awaiting for trained firefighters from nearby stations. Despite considerable structural damage, no serious injuries were reported during this incident.

Video: Flavio Frias

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