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Canada: Cows rescued from flood waters by jetski in last ditch effort 11-19-2021

The province of British-Columbia is in a state of emergency as historical flooding have paralyzed all major transportation arteries except for the sky. Incredible footage captured on the spur of the moment shows two cows being rescued yesterday by citizens from the high level flood waters in Abbotsford, British-Columbia, Canada. Farmlands that constitute the Sumas Prairie, a wide flat low level terrain located just east of Abbotsford has bit hit strong. Numerous cattle and other farm animals have died in that area by drowning in the waters that rose too quickly. On Sunday November 14th 2021, torrential rain fell over most regions of southern BC creating a surge in the Fraser Valley. One week later, Highway 1 and the CN railway have both been completely shut and destroyed at multiple spots between the Lower Mainland all the way up north to Merritt. Tragically, four people have gone missing from the roadway among them three are still missing and one body was recovered.

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