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Canada: Fire caused by fireworks at Montréal Canadiens victory celebration 6-7-2021

At midnight this morning SIM firefighters responded to a particular call of a fire that broke atop a condo terrace apparently caused by fireworks launched by unruly Habs fans. In a more than spectacular fashion, the Montréal Canadiens eliminated the Winnipeg Jets in a stunning shutout after winning four straight games in a row. Prior to that, the Habs had eliminated the Toronto Maple Leafs after the Leafs were ahead 3-1 in the series in an incredible humiliating display of great hockey playing. Last night, fans gathered in front of Bell Center to cheer for the Habs in what was going to be the last game against the Jets. They chanted and launched fireworks in all directions, sometimes bursting in sparks near people in the crowd or on nearby structures. 

Video: Patrick M.

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