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Canada: Heroes at work are the troops of the Canadian Armed Forces 11-23-2021

For the second week in a row, the Canadian Armed Forces have been deployed in British Columbia to assist in flood relief. Troops were deployed in what is called Operation LENTUS or op-lentus in which they will provide manpower to municipal and provincial levels of government. Among other things they will be required to help with sandbagging operations both at quarry or filling stations and on the terrain. On the field, long dykes have been built using hundreds of these sandbags to prevent potential flood water to damage structures and vehicles. These images were filmed last week as soldiers dug up a quarry on Ross Road in Hope, BC, Canada. Troops used shovels to manually fill bags along with a mechanical sandbagger with a front loader. Dump trucks then carried the sandbags away to urban areas in the city of Hope. The presence of the Army on the field for the catastrophic and historial BC floods of 2021 continues as confirmed in a meeting over the weekend with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

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