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Canada: Peel Police decorate cruiser in rainbow colors for gay pride - June 2021

For the entire month of June, the Peel Regional Police service is participating in an awesome way to Pride Month during which members of the LGBTQ community are being celebrated. Officers at the PRP have the opportunity once again this year to recognize members among their police force that are part of the group, along with support from members of the public. Constable Akhil Mooken explains that the PRP tries to underline these efforts by donning their uniform with colorful badges for various other causes like Black History Month and Mental Health Month. This police cruiser is a brand new Hybrid Ford Explorer and has yet to be equipped with certain devices such as strobes, a roof light bar and a computer inside the vehicle. Once on the road, it will look like the completed full version seen at mark 6:30 of this video. For the remainder of the month, this vehicle will act as a display and will be used by duty officers and media relations officers to spread the word of acceptance towards people of all identities.

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