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Canada: Raw footage of grand tribute paid by comrades to murdered cop 9-21-2022

Raw extended 15 minute footage compilation of amazing display of gratitude in honor of murdered police officer Andrew Hong by his comrades yesterday September 21st 2022 in Toronto, Canada. An overwhelming support was felt throughout the morning hours Wednesday as a procession carrying the body of Constable Hong departed from a Thornhill funeral home and made its way to the Toronto Congress Centre. Stunning images show hundreds of police officers and other emergency personnel giving a final salute to their colleagues along with numerous helicopters hovering over while following the cortege and a military flyby performed by the three aircrafts T-33, L-29 and Vampire from the Waterloo Warbirds. Andrew Hong is a 22 year veteran of the TPS bike squad who leaves behind two children and his wife after he was ambushed and killed in a targeted attack last week. A little over a year ago, another TPS cop was killed in the line of duty when the vehicle he was trying to intercept struck and killed him in a downtown underground parking lot garage on July 2nd 2021.

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