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Canada: Shooting suspects killed while escaping the police 3-28-2024

Violent morning Thursday morning 5h in Rosemont, a dense neighborhood of Montréal, Québec, Canada where a shooting left two suspects dead. Police initially responded to two different calls of shots fired 5 km and 10 minutes apart where people from one car opened fire on other motorists. Near one of the two scenes at the corner of Pie-IX and Bellechasse SPVM officers spotted the suspect's vehicle which fled at high speed on a bike path. That vehicle crashed onto a mature tree that did not break and ended its course abruptly thus inflicting severe injuries to the two occupants. One of them was declared dead on scene and the other dead in hospital. Since the incident involved a police service, the BEI, a neutral organization policing of services in the province of Québec and the equivalent of the SIU in Ontario was assigned the case. The SQ was also present at the site to assist in the investigation with a command post parked on the side of the road. An extensive perimeter did have the entire Pie-IX boulevard closed both ways to traffic for most of the day to allow collision reconstruction crews to analyze the evidence.

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