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Canada: Witness video shows very first moments of fast spreading inferno 9-21-2021

Incredible video footage of the early moments a fire started in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada on Tuesday have surfaced. Short cellphone footage edited in loops and in slow motion show the start of a fire on a condo balcony in the first 20 seconds of the video. Following footage filmed 15 minutes into the incident shows fire already raging up on the outdoor recreation area's ceiling and roof. Additional raw live video footage then offers a wide general establishing shot of the entire structure ablaze. On September 21st firefighters in Brandon, Manitoba and surrounding areas were called out to what would end up being a major fire battle. At 9h pm crews engaged in a multi alarm fire incident and deployed several resources but flames quickly grew and spread. Eventually, the large four story multiplex became fully involved in heavy fire across a whole 100 meter stretch. Impressive witness video captures the intensity of the uncontrollable blaze that brought dozens of firefighters into battle. Multiple residents of the occupied 48-unit apartment building miraculously evacuated safely and no one was injured. Fire fighters fought the flames until the early morning hours and the city of Brandon has organized temporary accommodations to be setup for evacuees. 

Video: Abraham Tobi / Craig Unger

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