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Colombia: Heavy flames spotted in rainforest amidst drought 1-23-2024

Footage in this video was filmed in La Vega located about an hour away west of Bogota on January 23rd 2024 when roughly at the same time two other fires ignited in and near the capital. In the city, the famous Monserrate mountain is ablaze for the fifth day today January 25th and over 300 firefighters are battling the blaze. In Ciudad Bolivar, a part of the large Colombia metropolis another wildfire is raging and ongoing at this time leaving the vast urban area filled with hazy air from the smoke caused by the flames. Images here were shot at midnight approximately 6 hours into the incident atop a mountain about 15 minutes east of the small municipality of La Vega. The country of Colombia has declared a state of emergency less then 24 hours ago and will allow more resources to combat these uncontrollable fires that are estimated to be in the twenties across the country.

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