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Cooper's Hawk feeding on fresh kill is the graphic face of nature

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The elusive and dangerous Cooper's Hawk thrives in the Canadian mixed forest of Southern Quebec, even more nowadays due to less human interaction. It remains close to the top of the food chain in North American broadleaf and mixed forest, occasionally falling prey to other raptors such as owls. The individual seen in this video is feeding on a fresh kill, possibly a squirrel that was caught moments before in a patch of mixed forest in the middle of the day. In an otherwise tranquil and peaceful woodland, the unfolding scene is the result of a sneaky and precise strike by the powerful bird. This particular raptor of a rather large size flies through trees to spot potential preys without making a single sound in an eerily almost phantom like way. This bird of prey feeds on small mammals and birds by hunting them and then tearing apart their body with their strong pointy beak. licensing

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