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Downtown: Bold assassination at the doors of Scotia Bank Arena 7-16-2022

What appears to be a targeted shooting left one person dead in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada yesterday on Saturday night July 16th 2022. All emergency crews responded to the reports of a person shot at the front of the main doors to the Scotia Bank Arena located in the core of the city at the corner of York Street and Bremner Blvd at 8h pm. Evidence markers collected in a small dense area in a north corner of the facade of the building and a bullet hole in a nearby window are testimony to the violence of the brazen execution. Two suspects are currently on the run and are subject to a manhunt by the Toronto Police Service. In the early moments after the shooting, nearby Union Station, the busiest transit subway hub was locked down after it was believed a suspect had fled that way where large entry doors are situated only dozens of meters away from the crime scene. As of midnight today Sunday morning TPS officers remain on scene with a Forensic van parked outside an outdoor perimeter surrounding an entrance plaza to the now running station. The victim has not yet formally been identified but they are believed to be a male in his twenties.

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