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Etobicoke: Teen pair shot at infamous Jamestown townhouse complex 3-31-2021

At 10h pm last night two male teenagers were shot at a residential townhouse complex on Jamestown Crescent at the corner of John Garland Boulevard in Etobicoke, a neighborhood in Toronto, Canada. Despite initial radio reports suggesting an automatic firearm was used and that numerous people had been shot, the pair suffered serious but non life-threatening injuries. Firefighters from nearby halls converged code 3 to the scene and received the order to standby a block away until advised that the scene was safe to proceed. Two people received treatment for gunshot wounds and were transported to hospital by two Toronto Paramedic Services ambulances followed by TPS cruisers. A large safety perimeter had John Garland Blvd closed to traffic in both direction and investigators have opened a case in appears to be a violent double attempted murder.

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