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Fairview Fire: Aftermath of burnt hills on north flank & power line repair 9-10-2022

Footage filmed today Saturday afternoon Sept 10th shows power line repair and Cal Fire crews monitoring the most north eastern point of the Fairview fire. Workers and firefighters were spotted behind a rural property on Idyllwild National Forest Highway at the intersection of Blackburn Road near Bee Canyon in Hemet, CA. The Fairview fire has torched nearly 30000 acres of dense vegetation fuel and 10+ homes since Monday Sept 5th 2022 and is now 45% contained. According to Cal Fire authorities, some areas within the perimeter had not experienced fire in the last hundred years creating a dangerous amass of thick dry branches and roots with high burning potential. The blaze killed two people who attempted to flee on the first day and gravely injured a third person from the same party.

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