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GTA: Raw video of Saturday's extreme wind storm passage and aftermath 5-21-2022

Raw video footage of yesterday Saturday May 21th 2022 wind storm that swept over many densely populated areas of Southern Ontario and left eight people dead. In Brampton, a woman in her seventies died in hospital after she was struck by a falling tree on a public nature trail path at the intersection of Belmont Drive and Brookdale Crescent in Brampton, Canada. At the same time, one death was reported along with two other injured parties when the three occupants of a camping caravan had a tree come down and crash on their light structure. CTV news reports six other storm related deaths as a man in his thirties was killed by a tree that fell on him at the Ganaraska Forest in the Durham Region of the GTA. One 77 year old woman was struck by a fallen tree in Port Hope, a community an hour east of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They are reporting two more deaths caused by trees that fell on the victims in the West-End of the capital city Ottawa and nearby in Madawaska. The 8th death actually occurred on the Ottawa River separating the provinces of Québec and Ontario where a boat capsized killing one occupant during the storm near Masson-Angers. Images in this compilation were filmed during the passage of the storm and its aftermath in Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga. At mark 2:33 an airplane is seen making a sharp left and divert its course during its final approach to Pearson YYZ at the last moment before being engulfed by the storm and at mark 3:41 the power is cut and all lights from nearby buildings go off.

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